[GYURI AN] Motoscompany submisson

1. Name, age and city you live in : Hi, I’m Gyuri An and I’m 18years old. And I living in Seoul, South Korea. 2. How long have you been dancing and how did you get into it? : It’s…

1. Name, age and city you live in
: Hi, I’m Gyuri An and I’m 18years old. And I living in Seoul, South Korea.

2. How long have you been dancing and how did you get into it?
: It’s been almost 3years that I start learning dance which is professionally
Since I was younger I just loved dance to music and also I am so outgoing person, I like to stand in front of people in various things as well as dancing.
There were a lot of hardships before I started dancing, but I also liked dancing so much and I liked sharing with others so I decided to become a professional dancer.

3. What’s your goal with dancing?
: Umm,,, When it comes to my dance, Whenever any dancer sees me, I want to be a super dancer who is surprised by saying “Wow, she has many kinds of roots of dance” or “How did she just variation those foundations that way??”.
For example, just as if you look at a hip-hop dancer and you can see that they dance with a hip-hop foundation. Likewise, I want to be a choreographer who dances with a variety genres of foundations.
I don’t know what other countries are like, as in my personal opinion, I think a lot of people in Korea still hesitate to variation with other genres. So, when people look at my choreography, I want them to notice how flexible I choreograph with the base of various genres and how I can express music fresh with it.
About my positional goal is….. In the small way, become a representative dancer in Korea, and in the big way, become an instructor who wants to learn from anyone who comes to Korea. I hope that many dance scenes including Korea, will develop as me as turning point.

4. What’s your biggest flaw? Your best quality?
: My downside is that I be hard to do something consistently for a long time. Fortunately, however, I think it is my strength to be a little clever and flexible. So, if I have a strong passion for a goal, it is my strength to achieve it. Another advantage is that I’m energetic. I’ve heard a lot since my childhood that I was very active and energetic, And fortunately, this personality also shows up in dance! In my opinion, this is qualities!

5. What’s the biggest challenge you had to face in life?
: Well, the biggest challenge is that I graduated early from high school and left for Japan for develop my dance skills on my own without any help from anyone. But .. ,,, yes, of course this Covid-19 situation brought me back home earlier than expected. But the time what I experienced a lot on my own really helped me grow a lot.

6. Tell me something you feel I should know about you.
: Honestly, I’m not good at English. Even this video through my hard work. So I have a friend to help me while I join the class. And I am so desperate for this class.

7. Name 3 favorite dancers and why?
: First of all, ‘Diana Matos’, it’s you.
There’s so many reasons I like you, but overall, I feel about your choreography’s qualities are really deep and high. I can only know you as reflected by videos, but when I watch your dancing I can feel how much you made an effort and polished up on your dancing. It would be too long to say everything I feel, but in a nutshell, my dance’s goal was influenced by you.

And second, ‘Shay Latukolan’.
Shay made choreography perfectly matched on music with his own unique style.
And he’s rhythm-making is fresh when he choreographing or freestyle. And I personally like his style about how neat and straight.

And last, ‘Juliano nunes’.
As you know juliano is choreographer based on ballet. I never learn ballet or contemporary dance. But the way he use his movements and path inspires me a lot when i need new path to move.

8. Finish the phrase: A complete dancer is…
As complete dancer needs great quality of dance as basically, And needs to express themselves how amazingly they choreographed . And I think how to choreographed as great quality need to understand what music wants to deliver vibes and even every single sounds it has. And needs ability for freestyle skills. depends on what they feel right at the moment. Because We are the dancer. As if you want to be professional freestyler instead of choreographer, They should have high quality of freestyle skills. When if who want to be a dancer not just dance alone, they should know how to grasp the trend, And also need for abilities for performance and create a feel for making stages, Here’s my thought about complete dancers.

Thank you for hearing, have a great day